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DROVER ENERGY SERVICES is a full service capillary & production enhancement provider for domestic, international and offshore markets. Drover Energy Services corporate headquarters is located in Kilgore, TX. This service location provides easy access to Eastern Oklahoma, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. International, Gulf of Mexico and Special Project Deployment Crews provide our customers reliable equipment and experienced crew, in developed and emerging shale play markets.

Fully equipped service locations and a knowledgable workforce are provided to our customers in Midland, TX / Permian Western Division and Alice, TX., South Texas Division.  Learn more here.

  • Chemical
    Injection Systems

    The team member’s at Drover Energy Services have played a significant role in the growth of this industry. Our team has a combined 100 years experience in the capillary market and an excess of over 8000 installations worldwide.

  • Capillary

    Maintain the efficiency of your capillary system, maximize production and reduce lifting cost by delivering chemical solutions directly to the perforations.

  • Capillary

    Maintain the efficiency of your chemical program, maximize production and reduce lifting cost by delivering chemical solutions directly to the area of need without limitations and inefficiencies due to backside treatments

  • Small Diameter
    Coil Tubing

    Coiled tubing can be used to remove scale, produced sand, frac sand and debris from the wellbore. Coiled tubing is run into the wellbore, fluid is pumped down the coiled tubing and returns are circulated through the annulus. Coiled tubing can rig up and get to depth quickly without killing the well or pull the production tubing.

  • Offshore

    Drover Energy Services can cover your off shore needs and requirements, through the supply of well trained and knowledgeable Staff and supply of fully up to date, tested, approved and fit for purpose Equipment packages that follow our product line offering.

  • International

    In 16 years our experienced group has been responsible for installing in excess of 8000 capillary injection systems and a variety of coil tubing jobs in over 20 different countries. We've serviced locations ranging from the Permian Basin in West Texas to Australia.

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