DROVER ENERGY SERVICES is a full service capillary & production enhancement provider for domestic, international and offshore markets. Drover Energy Services is located in one of the most prolific US Oil & Gas economies. Headquartered in North Eastern Texas in the City of Kilgore, which was once considered the oil capital of the world. Our location provides easy access to Oklahoma, Louisiana, North, Central Texas, the Permian Basin in West Texas, Eastern New Mexico and South Eastern Colorado.  Service locations are also available to our customers in South Texas as well as our international headquarters in Australia.  The Gulf of Mexico provides easy access for shipment of equipment overseas regarding international projects.

The Drover team has a combined 100 years experience in the capillary industry with a diverse background in numerous oilfield disciplines. Most prominently, the majority of our team was a big part in the 1st world leader of capillary with previous company, DYNA-COIL. This experience ranges from capillary, small coil intervention, specialty projects / applications and chemical services.  Drover also owns a hydraulic equipment company, HYDESSCO, which specializes in the fabrication of oilfield equipment.  Providing another valuable tool to our customers in built to spec equipment, consultancy and Drover operated services.  In over 20 different countries, we have continued our service in deploying successful solutions and fresh thinking ideas to the artificial lift and production enhancement industries. If you'd like to learn more about us contact the Drover team today.

Mission Statement

Drover Energy LLC endeavor’s to provide leading edge services and solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry, with market focus being Off Shore and International, offering Coil Tubing, Cementing, Nitrogen and Production Optimization Services and Solutions. Drover Energy Services will provide these services and solutions utilizing the latest in market technologies and approach along with good old-fashioned entrepreneurial sprit and out of the box approach. We will maintain a diverse staff, fully trained in the applications we provide. Our approach will always be in the focused on our clients needs with primary focus being on Safety, Environment and Return on Investment.

Our Advantages


Drover’s combined team has worked in over 20 international locations and has a diverse background in numerous oilfield disciplines. With our experience, Drover can solve your well-producing issues with a dedicated and broad approach. With work experience ranging from offshore drilling, production, coil tubing application, to electronics and instrumentation, Drover’s team will address your problems the most efficient way possible utilizing our field-experienced management team.


Drover’s unique approach starts with versatile, capable, and compact equipment designed for tight spaces and simple transportability, whether it be loaded onto a vessel or trailer and prime mover. The skids incorporate ISO lock down corners, made compliant with to international road regulations, and is laid out with a direct focus toward operational convenience and safety.

Problem Solving

Drover’s reactive management team will analyze your problems with the most expedient, cost-effective, and successful solutions. Our team consists of original, fresh-thinking members who understand the importance of job safety and efficiency. By keeping the customer’s concerns first, from the beginning design stages to job completion, our solutions will emphasize cost control by streamlining operations and minimizing waste, whether it be producing unique downhole tools to reduce the number of runs on your job or using our powerful software to maximize effectiveness.

Environmental Statement

Above all things, Drover Energy LLC is committed to Safety and Welfare of its people and the environment that we are performing services in. It is through this commitment to safety and environment that we will then be able to reach our primary goal of providing Cost effective solutions and services that our clients deserve and expect. No job or project is so important, that we cannot take the necessary time required to fully review any and all impact to personnel and the environment.


Drover Energy’s senior management brings to the table over 60 years of collective energy sector knowledge. The lion's share of this knowledge has been dedicated to the service arena and technology advancement, seeking to improve services provided and improve Return On Investment for our clients. Drover Energy will always maintain and provide the highest quality supervisory and field staff while at the same time maintaining readiness level by keeping all staff current in their safety and procedural training.


Within the cross section of Drover's personnel, core competencies from completion to production to end of well life can be found. Experience includes cement pipe work, acid and frac stimulation, completions and tools, coil tubing intervention to plug and abandonment. Our team has extensive international experience on projects spanning over 20 countries and remote regions: United States, Gulf of Mexico, North Slope Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad, France, Scotland, North Sea UK Sector, England, Germany, Italy, Holland, Romania, Russia, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia.


Drover Energy Services is a team of past successful entrepreneurs. The collective team has previously founded several oil and gas service companies, has been an inventor in over 10 patents and has 4 SPE published papers. Additionally, this team was instrumental in earning a Meritorious Engineering Achievement Award. The Drover Team is comprised of individuals whom have launched new service lines and sucessfully managed large contracts for major oil and gas producers throughout the globe.

The entire Drover Team has extensive international experience around the globe and is driven to acieve success for our clients.

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