Eliminate the inefficient methods of batch treatments or “trickle of chemicals” down the backside of your well. Casing gas surges, depth of the production tubing and location of the perforated intervals all provide limitations in getting 100% of your chemical to the areas of need when treating down the backside.

Drover Energy Services has a full fleet of banding trailers and capillary units available for their customers. Our standard operating procedures provide 2 operators, banding guns, back pressure control, live swivel for pumping chemicals as installing and bottom hole check valves in a variety of metallurgies. Perforated chemical injection subs are utilized for precise treatment at different depths. Each sub is pressure tested to 3000psi and certified. Surface manifolds are provided with chemical filters, pressure gauges and equipped with an anti siphon valve. Xeron bands are utilized which always gives the customer the capability to retrieve if dropped in hole during the banding process, due to their magnetic qualities.

Maintain the efficiency of your chemical program, maximize production and reduce lifting cost by delivering chemical solutions directly to the area of need without limitations and inefficiencies due to backside treatments



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