Stuck and plugged capillary strings due to a lack of maintenance, inspection or periodic evaluation of the overall integrity of the system. Thus, creating inefficiencies in chemical treatments, costing your company revenue due to possible lost production and a negative impact on your budget dollars invested.

Drover Energy Services provides a yearly "Pull, Check and Reinstall" program for your capillary injection systems. This preventative maintenance program capable of being accomplished in just a few hours can add years to the success of your installation. Each capillary string is flushed, inspected and documented with details and pictures. The service reports are then submitted to the customer along with any replacements of parts and cleaning of the pack-off and bottom hole check assemblies. Scheduled service dates are also input for yearly or semiannual reminders to each customer.

Maintain the efficiency of your capillary system, maximize production and reduce lifting cost by delivering chemical solutions directly to the perforations.

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