Deployment of Downhole Temperature & Pressure Gauges

The ability for capillary systems to be installed in extreme environments, remote / small footprint locations and cost effectively, all provide a cost effective method to deploy downhole temperature and pressure monitors via capillary. Quickly and cost effectively retrieved compared to tubing installations, each capillary tube can have several micro fibers encapsulated or a simple version of a single TEC line.

Many applications may call for dual strings at different depths! Installed in a wide variety of conditions and a proven method during live well conditions. An advantage to the customer whether banded or installed concentrically, to monitor well drawdown, efficiencies of lifting methods or frac-jobs. Drover Energy provides installations for downhole pumps and gauge monitoring companies, who's main focus is selling your products but needs experience and equipment in deployment. These systems may be purchased or rented. Drover Energy also provides installations for sensor manufacturing companies.  Whether banded capillary or installed concentrically in the production tubing, the customer is provided with a engineered system to fit their needs!

Reservoir Monitoring with Capillary Deployed Sensors

Reservoir Evaluation

  • Real Time Pressure Draw Down
  • Optimize Well Spacing
  • Monitor Permeability
  • Evaluate Reservoir Decline

Production Evaluation

  • Efficiencies in Lifting Methods
  • Identify Depth of Gas Breakout
  • Ratios of Gas, Oil & Water
  • Identify Production Optimization

Completion Evaluation

  • Detection of Casing Leaks
  • Efficiency of Frac Jobs
  • Zone Performance and Isolation Results
  • Monitor Steam Injection Productivity

Remote Tank and Pump Control Monitoring Featuring Herd Watch

Drover Energy's Team will provide field installations, training and technical support.

Gain Cost Savings • Promote New Development • Gain Efficiency in Chemical Injection • Reduce Manpower Required • Enhance Production due to Less Downtime

The Drover Tank Monitoring and Control System while offering uses in many applications and fields of deployment, was developed specifically to target the needs of the Remote Oil & Gas Chemical Injection Applications.

The Drover monitoring systems has received a full year of Beta Testing in a Remote Region of the world where Temperature Extremes have ranged from -­‐5° C to +50° C

Key Product Offerings

  • Are easily fitted and will Connect, Function and Work with most Solar or A/C Powered Oil & Gas Chemical Pump Systems on todays market
  • Customizable Web Based Reports Via our full feature Drover Web Portal, offering user-friendly software and 24/7 access to active systems & recorded data
  • Web Based Reporting and Alarm Features provide Ability to Prioritize Field Inspections, Repairs and Deliveries
  • All Data is in CSV Format and easily uploaded to interface with other systems, to aid in optimization on both chemical and production
  • Continues Inventory and Injection Rate Monitoring
  • Onboard GPS can aid in delivery mapping and provide for the recovery
  • Pump Control Module providing remote control features, including On/Off, Stroke or Timed Event control
  • Battery and Charge System Monitoring
  • Reduced Manpower Required to Monitor
  • Enhanced Production due to less Downtime
  • Programmable & Customizable Alert/Alarms Via Internet, E-­‐mail, Text Messages or PDA
  • Interfaces with a wide array of sensors
  • Configurable to communicate via Cellular Network/ Interface using SMS, GPRS and 3G proto- calls and fully approved for use with ATT, Verizon & Sprint Networks
  • In areas where Cellular connection is not available we offer an approved Iridium Satellite Interface
  • Systems can be pre­‐packaged for easy installation
  • Offers High/Low Rate of change and leak detection
  • Standard systems utilize existing pump battery system but can be provided with its own power and charging capabilities
  • For Cellular based systems
  • Built In Camera Options are available
  • No Field Programing Required

Standard Features for the Drover RTMPC-01-CEL/SAT

  • Remote Monitoring and Recording of Tank Levels
  • Remote Monitoring and Recording of Battery Charge Levels
  • Remote Monitoring and Recording of Fluid Temperature
  • Remote Monitoring and Recording of Injection Pressure
  • Customizable Fault, Alert and Alarm Reporting
  • Customizable Full Feature Reporting
  • Systems can be customized to End User Requirements utilizing many types of Sensors and multiple interfaces.

Remote Monitoring and Recording of all pump activities

  • Total Stroke Count
  • Total Run Time
  • Injection Rates

Remote Control of Pump Including

  • On/Off Control
  • Ability to change rate via Stroke Count or Timed Event
  • Change from a Stroke Event to a Timed Event

Component List

  • Receiver/Transmitter in NEMA 4 Enclosure
  • Pressure/Temperature Transducer
  • Injection Pressure Transmitter
  • All Cables and Connectors
  • Android Device Required for field control via Bluetooth Connection

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